Three Sampler Jars of 3 Flavors - Find Your Favorite

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This bundle is a great way to try all 3 flavors at a discounted rate and see which one is your favorite to order in a larger size.

Almond Ghee Spread (Paleo) - 1.5oz

Pistachio Ghee Spread (Paleo) - 1.5oz

Sunflower Cinnamon Spread (Vegan, Paleo) - 1.5oz

3 Jars of 1.5oz each - One Time Offer per Customer 


Store in the refrigerator after opening. Because this product contains ghee and honey, the spread gets hard in the refrigerator. For an easy and smooth spreading experience, warm up the jars to room temperature before use, 

Made in a facility that processes gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and coconuts.

How to Use:

  • Enjoy it straight out of the jar with a spoon
  • Spread on toasts, bagels, or inside croissants or crepes
  • Scoop on top of ice cream, pancakes, waffles, and fruit salad
  • Frost homemade baked goods or cookies with it
  • Dip crackers or berries in the spread
  • Add to a cup of smoothie or coffee/tea for a superfood boost
  • Gourmet cheese platter accompaniments
  • Make hot chocolate with it. Add 1-2 scoops in 1 cup of hot water, stir and enjoy!

How are we different?

  • Gut friendly formula
  • Accommodating various dietary restrictions
  • Honest ingredients, highly nourishing
  • Functional purposeful
  • Activated and sprouted and stoneground
  • Living food with active enzymes
  • Easily digestible & readily absorbable
  • Low natural sugar - relatively low glycemic index
  • Grain-free (no added gluten)
  • No hydrolyzed protein isolate
  • No alcohol sugar, no table sugar
  • No processed food/no food additives/no preservatives
  • No corn/no soy/no GMOs
  • No bulking agents/no thickeners/no fillers
  • Sustainable, fair-trade, and environmentally conscious

Various products are compliant with many restricted dietary plans, such as GAPS, Caveman, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, WAPF, and other low carbohydrate anti-inflammatory diets. Not all products satisfy the mentioned dietary restrictions. Please look for the right product for your dietary needs.

Shipping and Delivery

Our time frame for order processing is between 2-4 business days. Our time frame for order processing is between 2-4 business days, between 8am-4pm. We do not make delivery or ship orders on
public holidays or any other days except during working daysOrders will be
processed, fulfilled and dispatched as soon as we receive payment. The time for
shipping is largely determined by the time the order is dispatched. However our
delivery is usually between 7-10 days (unless if the delay is caused by the
shipping carrier or pandemic).

Return Policy

As this is a perishable item, that's why we don’t get it back

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Miriam Richard
Approved by a Trained Dog Alerting to Questionable Food Additives

My dog, Stella, alerts to common food-additives by raising her paw to the packaged food in question. Examples are: adulterated honey, corn, soy, agave syrup, xanthan gum, guar gum, grains, potato starch, arrow root, malrodextrin, and many more. Stella cleared all 3 spreads that Luv Maman Superfood offers, so I was very excited that I found a truly clean and grain-free spread that can accommodate my son’s dietary restrictions. Luv Maman products are free of food additives that are hidden in most commercial spreads.

Wellness with Goli - Health Coach
Science-Based Formula

As a health coach specialized in women hormone, I repeatedly stress on the power of anti-inflammatory diet in slowing down the aging process for menopausal women. Luv Maman functional spreads are indeed one of my top recommendations as they have no processed sugar and are lightly sweetened with raw unfiltered honey. Luv Maman recipes are carefully formulated by a skilled biologist to assure avoidance of insulin hormone spike following consumption of a sugary snack. The proper ratio of fat/protein to carbohydrate in these spreads is key in slow release of sugar into the blood stream and in avoiding sugar spike and sugar crush, which becomes important in hormone health as Insulin hormone is a master hormone with many roles in maintaining the body's homeostasis state; especially in progression to hyperglycemia and diabetes. These anti-inflammatory spreads have no processed sugar and no other additives and therefore are perfect snacks for a healthy living.

Mom of Two - Travel Lover
Sprouted and Stoneground

I did not know anything about the importance of activating, sprouting, and stone grounding until I attended Nakisa's webinar and read her newsletter. Apparently, these combined practices produce a more nutritious, easy-to-digest food that absorbs easily. The Almond Ghee Spread is my family's favorite, followed by Pistachio Ghee Spread. The Sunflower Cinnamon Spread texture is a bit too firm, I like it to be more spreadable on toast. The other two spreads get hard in the refrigerator because of the ghee and honey in them, so it requires warming up to room temperature before spreading them on the toast.

Cecilia Alsing
instantly hooked!

I recently came across LuvMaman Superfood. They have instantly become my favorite go to snack. The best part is that they’re super healthy, nutrient dense and delicious. I am obsessed with them. They are beyond delicious. The flavors are perfectly balanced with slightly floral undertones. The texture, portion and ingredient selection are orchestrated perfectly to deliver an awakening of your taste buds. LuvMaman's pride in craftsmanship really shines through. You can almost taste the love and commitment to delivering high quality ingredients in a delicious way. These spreads are a must try. You’ll be hooked! Cecilia Alsing, Health and nutrition enthusiasts

Devon Sabatier
Absolutely Amazing!

These spreads are absolutely amazing! As a wellness coach, I’m constantly in search of quality snacks with quality ingredients to recommend to my clients as they have different nutritional standards and needs. Let me say that these check off all of my boxes! Not only are they incredibly tasty, but there are NO additives & the ingredients used are top notch super foods. Will be ordering again.! Thank you, Nakisa! Devon Sabatier, CNS, CPT “mind over matter”