Nourishality – Nourishality Sprouted Superfood

About Us

Nourishality is devoted to sharing and promoting a lifestyle based on true health habits. We believe in the healing power of nutrient-dense wholesome food and we practice this belief in our own household and our own daily life.

We have a strong academic background in the field of Biochemistry, cell- and molecular biology, and Anatomy & Physiology but our true inspiration and motivation comes from our human values and the love of life we want to share with you.  

Being able to enjoy life, means maintaining your health, fitness, and wellness by practicing sustainable daily rituals for mental and physical wellbeing.

The eating habits are an essential part of our routines. Transforming on-the-go snacking into our personal healthy ritual could bring everyday luxury into our life, providing us with the opportunity to relax and indulge, while becoming a healthier version of ourselves. During years of struggling with chronic conditions, my family and I learned the proper way of preparing and consuming a whole food diet and living a truly healthy lifestyle and were finally able to overcome our health issues.

We have a genuine concern about the lack of knowledge in general population on real healthy food and lifestyle and are worried about the alarming rise in chronic and neurological disorders in young children and its socioeconomic impact in the world. 

Our founder, Dr Nakisa Nowroozi, is passionate about promoting the concept of "food as medicine" and is eager to educate families about the real healthy living.

Nakisa has a Master's degree in Biochemistry and a doctorate degree in the field of cell and molecular biology and did basic scientific research for 13 years, before switching to teaching college Anatomy and Physiology since 2007. Because of her extensive academic and professional background, Nakisa is able to extract nutritional research information and distinguish between real and fake science and determine if a claim regarding the nutritional benefits of a food is true or not.

Nakisa Nowroozi,PhD
Founder and Chef

Nutrient-dense organic foods differ in quality, depending on the health of the soil they are grown in, the way they are harvested, and the way they are processed, and many other involved factors, they could be on the two ends of the spectrum of so called 'healthy superfood'. After years of research, we now know where to source truly nutrition-rich food and select only the best ingredients for Nourishality – just as we prepare food for our own family.

Our mission is to create a “fast clean fuel” and a "superpower meal-replacement" superfood with "high ingredients diversity" that nourishes every cell in the body and builds diversity in the gut microbiome, hence bringing the individual to a higher state of health.