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Nourishality Superfood: A Mission Inspired By Personal Values

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Nourishality Superfood: A Mission Inspired By Personal Values

Nourishality is devoted to sharing and promoting a lifestyle based on true health habits. We believe in the healing power of nutrient-dense wholesome food and we practice this belief in our own household and our own daily life.

Nourishality was built on values and relationships, trust, integrity, and honesty. Our work is based on research and expertise in cell and molecular biology. We strongly believe in the importance of nutrition for human health condition at the molecular level and emphasize on the dietary choices that define a positive long-term wellbeing in every cell in the body.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates) is a principle we incorporated into our own lives after years of struggling with chronic health conditions. Experiencing the incomparable benefits first-hand inspired and motivated us to share this lifestyle concept and promote it with our own line of truly healthy food – Nourishality.

Our vision is to transform eating habits and on-the-go snacking into a wellness ritual with sustainable health benefits. We strive to replace empty-calorie candy bars with Nourishality nutrition-packed wellness energy balls in every child's lunch box, in every family's kitchen, and in every healthfood store's shelf. | Shop Online Superfood Energy Bars and Balls

During years of practice, we learned that not all nutrient-dense foods are equal. Depending on the health of the soil they are grown in, the way they are harvested, and the way they are processed, and many other involved factors, they could be on the two ends of the spectrum of so called 'healthy superfood'. We now know where to source truly nutrition-rich food and select only the best ingredients for Nourishality – just as we prepare food for our own family.

My name is Nakisa Nowroozi, founder and chef of Nourishality. I am passionate about promoting the concept of "food as medicine" and eager to educate families about the real healthy living, based on my expertise and research experience in the field of cell and molecular biology.

My interest in health and nutrition is a big part of my personal story. During my teenage years, I was always on various diets because I always had to watch what I ate being on the heavy side. When I was in elementary school, my classmates used to call me bademjun koochooloo (little eggplant), because I was short and stubby. So I started dieting to erase that label. I would do prolonged fasting and try various diets and any new fad diet that came about to lose the extra weight. Boy, wasn’t I able to lose it so fast? But I would gain it back right away and more so of it.

When I turned 18, I decided I had enough of this constant dieting. After losing my extra weight, I started exercising and watching my weight very closely like a hawk. As soon as it slightly went up, I would get it back down with dieting and more rigorous exercising. I was finally able to overcome my weight struggles with this new tactic.

Fast forward, when I came to the US in my mid 20s, I would spend hours in grocery stores reading the packaged food labels and ingredients trying to make sense of them. I could not even pronounce over half of the ingredients on the list, but I thought it could be because I was not raised in the US, so I started asking my native friends for help but no one knew either.

Originally, I was overwhelmed with the many brand varieties of the same packaged food, like there was a whole isle of breakfast cereal boxes, so many to choose from! But as I started reading the ingredients of these varieties, I soon learned how little choices there actually were in the market and how little nutrients they all contained. I was surprised how much chemicals, preservatives, food colors, and flavor enhancers were added in our packaged food to increase the shelf life and to make it more attractive to the consumer and more profitable for the manufacturer.

Everything had added sugar in it regardless of being a sweet or savory food. Two of the main ingredients I found in almost all packaged food were corn and soy. I was puzzled why over 30% of American adults and nearly 20% of children were obese when there were all these low calorie diet food and drinks and all these weight loss drugs and programs.

According to CDC, “In the United States, the percentage of children and adolescents, affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s”. 60% of American adults and 27% of children have a chronic disease and the prevalence of it is alarmingly on the rise.

When I was a child, my grandfather once burnt one single Cheetos and it burnt like a piece of plastic. He was trying to explain to us how bad that snack was for our body. He told us he never had snacks growing up. He would only eat “real” healthy food in small amounts. My grandfather, who lived to be almost 100 years old, didn’t know anything about any of the fad diets of my time: the low calorie, low fat, high protein, high fat, vegan, vegetarian, Pescetarian, etc.

He did not know anything about protein shakes where you drink your food rather than chewing your food. He didn’t have access to proper medical care, so when he got sick, he used home remedies that he had learned from his mother who had in turn learned it from her own mother passed on to her generations after generations. When I came to the US, I was surprised how physicians in my family were recommending Tylenol like candies for every little discomfort.

When my first son was born, I became even more careful in what I was feeding my family. With the birth of my second son and his birth injuries, I started to search for alternative medicine and nutritional/life style support to help his body heal itself from the trauma of birth. I am pleased to say that both my boys are doing beautifully and making me proud every day. I am writing this blog to pass on the useful information I gathered throughout the past several years, food and interventions that actually helped, the ones that were somewhat helpful, and the ones that didn’t help at all.

Our mission is to create a “fast clean fuel” and a "superpower meal-replacement" superfood with "high ingredients' diversity" that nourishes every cell in the body and builds diversity in the gut microbiome hence brings the individual to a higher state of health. | Shop Online Superfood At Your Fingertips | Sprouted Energy Bars and Balls