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Nourishality Nutrition Bars, Energy Balls, and Floret SuperBites wholesome ingredients are carefully selected to minimize the sugar rush and sugar crash rollercoaster effect, causing fatigue. The combination of using moderate amount of protein and healthy fats, and low amount of unprocessed natural sugar helps reduce this effect. Read more >


Nakisa Nowroozi, PhD

Founder and Chef


What Our Customers Say


"As a Pediatric Speech Pathologist and Feeding Therapist, I love finding foods that are packed with nutrients as well as delicious. The Nourishality bars (especially love the texture of the sprouted Sunflower seeds and quinoa puffs) are easy to bite, chew, and swallow. Many children are picky eaters and these provide tasty solutions for parents who are concerned with the health of their children. Thank you Nourishality!"

Rebecca Thorsen; MS, CCC-SLP, COM, Pediatric Speech Pathologist, Certified Orofacial Myologist; Long Beach, CA


”As a physician specializing in integrative medicine, I understand the power of food and nutrition on health. I've never been a fan of commecially available health bars since they are more like processed food full of chemicals. Nakisa Nowroozi, PhD, the founder of Nourishality has done an incredible job in formulating tasty superfood snacks that fuel your body with nutrient-dense ingredients. She sprouted the nuts and seeds to make them easily digestible. This also makes the nutrients easier to absorb. She has harnessed the beautiful colors in nature - like dragon fruit, freeze-dried raspberries, and purple potatoes to impact beautiful color and taste to her products. These products have no refined sugar and are sweetened with raw honey, dates, and or pure maple syrup. I personally found the taste and texture of her products to be excellent! I felt like I was indulging in a treat while knowing what healthy treats I was putting into my body. Dr Nowroozi is a brilliant chef and has mastered the delicate balance of flavors and textures in coming up with these recipes. I am thrilled that she is making healthy snakcs available to the community."

Rajsree Nambudripad, MD; Fullerton, CA


I love food, healthy food, raw food. I especially love food that nourishes your body and cells and tastes good. I like little bites of something throuhgout the day. That's why I am excited to have found Nourishality and I am recommending this amazing product to my clients.

Rachel Kramer, RN, HHP; Andover, MN


"Clean, delicious, cute packaging! No gluten, no soy, no corn, no sugar, and no artificial ingredients that you find in lots of products. Happy to give them to my son and highly recommend to my clients with dietary restrictions. Excited to try all different flavors!"

Darolyn Lewis FNTP, CGP; San Antonio, TX


"AMAZE BALLS! I've never been a fan of store bought protein bars or power balls. But hold the phone, my dear friend, Nakisa Nawroozi, PhD in molecular biology, has somehow created a superfood snack that tastes UNREAL! She literally sprouts the nuts and seeds to make them easily digestible. She’s taken the beauty and flavors of nature and created food art. Nakisa uses things like dragon fruit, purple potatoes, mangoes, CBD, chaga mushroom, and lion’s mane and much more to fuel the body with nutrient-dense ingredients. These babies deserve a resounding round of applause! Oh, and did I mention she ships straight to your door?"

Lena Schwen, Certified Holistic Nutritionist; Huntington Beach, CA